Risk factors of hypertension – causes for high blood pressure

Risk factors of hypertension

Blood pressure does not always keep the same index but will change according to our activity, emotions at that moment. Understanding high blood pressure will help people know how to keep blood pressure stable, protect the health of themselves and their loved ones. Here are the risk factors of hypertension:

1. A high salt diet

A suitable diet is an important way to help prevent and treat hypertension. For people in the pre-hypertensive stage, just reducing salt, less spicy to taste can keep the blood pressure stable without taking any pill.

2. Blood lipid disorders

When the level of fat in the blood is high, the artery system undergoes ae high blood pressure, which reduces its ability to elastic, thereby increasing blood pressure.

By reducing the intake of unhealthy fats, adding green vegetables, whole grains, fruits to the daily diet is a way to stabilize blood pressure.

3. Age

As people age, the walls of the blood vessels become more aging and sclerotic, reducing elasticity, so the pressure in the arteries will increase. Therefore, the blood pressure in older adults will be higher than at a young age.

4. Family history

One of risk factors of hypertension is family history. Many observational studies show that children born to families of parents with high blood pressure in particular or other cardiovascular diseases in general are at higher risk than the normal person.

5. A sedentary lifestyle

People who have a regular exercise routine will help boost cholesterol metabolism and consumption. A sedentary life increases the risk of dyslipidemia, reduces sugar tolerance that causes diabetes and indirectly rises blood pressure.

There are many different risk factors of hypertension

6. Overweight – obesity

Numerous observations have shown that the more body mass increases, the more blood pressure is high. Specifically, hypertension is detected with a high rate in the overweight – obese population group. Additional weight is one of those risk factors of hypertension that can be overlooked.

7. Smoking

Tobacco smoke is a collection of more than 100 types of chemicals that are toxic to the body and damages the cardiovascular system. It is the nicotine of tobacco that causes nervous excitement, vasoconstriction and hypertension.

8. Drinking too much alcohol

Excessive alcohol content in the blood affects metabolism, damages vascular systems, and causes cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension.

9. Stress and anxiety

Emotions are factors that quickly affect blood pressure. A completely healthy person who suddenly has anxiety, stress, and insomnia will also encourage blood pressure to rise more than usual. There are various risk factors of hypertension – and some of them are sneaky like stress.

10. Comorbidities

More than 90% hypertension in the population is primary (idiopathic) hypertension. Nearly 10% remaining high blood pressure are due to conditions such as acute or chronic kidney disease, renal artery stenosis, etc. Some women have been noted to have hypertension during pregnancy.

11. Due to side effects of medication

The side effects of some medicines such as some painkillers, oral contraceptives (including daily or emergency ones) can also cause high blood pressure.

12. Improper blood pressure measurement

One factor that makes high blood pressure is improper technique of measuring blood pressure. Use too tight bandages, measure when wearing too tight clothes, … will see higher blood pressure.

When you have the risk factors of hypertension, the best way is to visit a hospital for examination.


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