Back pain when coughing – is it serious?

Back pain when coughing

Do you have back pain when coughing? In fact, this is one of the symptoms that many people experience. Here are some explanations to help you diagnose yourself.

The cough causes back pain due to a herniated disc

People with a herniated disc often experience a double or triple painful than others when coughing. Because when coughing, the herniated disc can squeeze into the spinal nerves, causing the patient to suffer from sharp pain and hurting in the back. Many cases are so painful that you cannot stand or sit down. Even if the cough persists for a long time, the pain will become chronic and herniated disc will get worse.

The solution for this case is that it is necessary to completely treat the disc herniation.

Arthritis, degenerative joint disease in the ribs

In the human body, the ribs are connected to the thoracic vertebrae by two joints that lie symmetrically on each side of the spine. When joints become inflamed and degenerated, they no longer perform well. So when coughing, a small effect on the bones alone can cause back pain.

Muscle strain or sprain

Sometimes an intense or sudden coughing can put sudden pressure on your back. This pressure can cause temporary injuries, such as muscle strain. The pain may be more intense in some postures, or some activities, including coughing. A person may also have back pain when coughing due to stiff joints, muscle spasms or muscle pain.

Give your back a rest for one, two days, avoid postures that make you hurt more, and apply ice to the sore spot. However, if this symptom does not improve after 4-6 weeks, you should see a doctor immediately, because the reasons for your back pain may be much more serious than muscle tension.

Is back pain when coughing serious?

In fact, if a lot of coughing causes the back pain, your body is broadcasting more likely signals about osteoarthritis.

When symptoms appear, you should go to health facilities for immediate examination, because osteoarthritis if not treated promptly will cause many serious complications.

In order to minimize back pain, you should pay attention to your sense of protection and health care such as:

  • Develop a sensible and scientific diet to ensure the body absorbs all the necessary nutrients.
  • Get enough calcium for the body to prevent osteoporosis, prevent the risk of osteoarthritis diseases.
  • Exercise regularly every day to strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s resistance and the flexibility and strength of the skeletal system.

Back pain is very common, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept and live with it. Address it as soon as you feel it, because in most cases it will not go away by itself.


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