Back pain in the morning – how to get rid of It

Back pain in the morning

Back pain in the morning can seriously impair the start of your day and take a toll on your routine.

The condition affects up to 80% of adults at some point of their lives. However, the numbers can be higher. This number only indicates people who have reported their condition.

As we grow old, the tendency to suffer from this condition at the beginning of the day occurs with more frequency.

In this article you will find some of the causes that may be contributing to your back pain and measures to minimize it.

Poor posture during exercise may cause back pain in the morning

If you’ve ever exercised, you’ll know it. Perhaps you skipped the heating exercises or you just overdid it. The fact is that whatever bad attitude we take, our body is going to punish us for it.

If you’ve used more weight than you usually use, odds are that you’ll be remembering why you shouldn’t take it too far sometimes. You’ll feel it when you jump out of bed, that morning back pain will remind you that you’ve overdone it.

Back pain in the morning caused by poor sitting posture

Your mother warned you. Your teacher warned you. You still arch your body forward when you’re having a meal or sitting in front of the computer at the office. Having a mobile phone these days doesn’t help for the matter.

All that sitting upright advice everyone gave you was intended to ensure you kept the correct posture and protected yourself. The fact that we sit for a considerable part of our lives means that if we’re not doing it correctly, our body will take its toll.

Remember to get into the habit of sitting upright. Don’t abuse the use of your smartphone.

Poor sleeping posture and its effects

Figure out which pillow works best for you and if your mattress is giving you the comfort and support your back needs. That said, the posture in which you usually sleep may have an impact on your back pain and it will be felt every time you get up from bed. You can minimize it by having a pillow support. A pillow will support your legs, knees or abdomen depending on which area is dealigned with your spine.

Consider that sleep takes so much time of our lives and doing it correctly is half way to a healthy body.

Poor sleeping can lead to back pain in the morning being more severe even when breathing.

Medical conditions

You need to check Medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia at the doctor. Fibromyalgia cause pain and tenderness in several areas of the body – including your back. Another very common cause is related to herniated disks, which in worse scenarios may lead to physiotherapy.

Anything that feels unusual and lasting should have you consider a visit to the Doctor’s office to get the appropriate counseling and treatment.

Your back must be well looked after as it’s one of the main basis of support for your whole body.

The aim is to avoid back pain in the morning. Consider developing good posture habits, regular and healthy exercise. It will help you to maintain a healthy back for years to come.



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