Back pain during period – causes and treatment

Back pain during period

Periods are no fun at all. When a woman is experiencing her menstruation period, there are a series of hormonal changes that occur. These changes affect a woman’s body in many different ways but back pain during period might just be most popular.

Back pains! As if the bloating, abdominal pains and headaches weren’t enough. It’s terrible! But, know that it is totally normal.

A large percentage of women complain of excruciating pain during their cycle. I have heard many stories of women’s experiences with back pain during period and it is not a pleasant occurrence. Have you ever considered what may cause all these symptoms of pain and discomfort? Why does a woman’s back pain during period? Let’s delve further into this.

What is the cause of back pain during period?

During the menstrual cycle, as mentioned above, hormones are released into the body. One hormone in particular is called prostaglandin. These are released during the cycle in order to promote uterine contractions which aid in the uterus’ ability to shed the uterine lining. When there is a surplus of the prostaglandin hormone, it results in excruciating pain because it means then, that the woman will experience heavier contractions. These heavy contractions then radiates from the abdomen to the lower back region. Periods are ruthless, right? Research has shown that it is possible for the flow of oxygen to the muscles to be restricted as the body contracts to shed the uterine lining. This may also contribute to the terrible pains.

It is noteworthy to mention that if general cramps and pain during periods increase as the years go by, it is wise to consult your doctor for a checkup. Gradually increasing pain can be a sign of other issues, such as endometriosis, fibroids or an infection of some sort. It wouldn’t hurt to just check in with your doctor to be sure.

So we’ve determined what causes these horrible back pains. But what can we do about them?

What are the treatments?

  1. Any anti-inflammatory medication containing Ibuprofen should work perfectly for pain symptoms. It will reduce both abdominal and lower back pains brought on by the period.
  2. Drinking hot tea during the day brings about temporary relief. The body feels soothed in the moment. Any hot drink will help as long as you can tolerate it.
  3. Using heat pads tend to offer relief from the pain also.
  4. A warm shower or bath will offer temporary relief.
  5. Regular exercise makes it easier on the body during the menstrual cycle. Regular exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the body which increases its ability to handle the pressure placed on it during a period.
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  7. Eat proper and balanced meals and take your vitamins. Keeping the body healthy and strong makes it less of a task to handle the pain.
  8. Most women prefer treating period pains with chocolates and other varieties of candy. It just might work. Can’t hurt to try, right?

Periods suck! But it only lasts a few days and with the right treatments, you can get through it.


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