Weight loss and alcohol, is it possible?

Weight loss and alcohol

Weight loss and alcohol, is it possible? Is it possible to go out on weekends, enjoy drinks and lose fat at the same time? Or is total renunciation the only way to reach the body you want?

Calorific value of alcohol

People who try to lose weight often feel that the problem is only their food and their calories, so they forget that alcoholic beverages have their energy values.

Empty calorie is a popular term referring to foods that provide almost no nutritional value other than calories. There is little room for empty calories in the diet of the average person.

Alcohol contains empty calories but also directly interferes with the absorption, storage and utilization of nutrients in the body, even when present in adequate amounts. The human body registers alcohol as a toxin, so it tries to turn it into something less harmful as quickly as possible — into excess energy, which is converted to fat, which is deposited in men on the stomach and women on the thighs.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, but the actual value is slightly lower due to the thermogenic effect that alcohol causes. Namely, alcohol speeds up metabolism immediately after consumption, so that the real calorific value is about 6 calories per gram. Keep in mind that cocktails can be energy bombs and have calories as a specific meal. For example, a margarita — a Mexican tequila has about 168 calories in 4 oz (113 g).

How alcohol works on the body – weight loss and alcohol

To determine the relationship between weight loss and alcohol, it is important to know how alcohol affects our body. Already after the first drink, your body tries to get rid of the alcohol by converting it to acetaldehyde and then to acetate. These by-products by their reactivity increase oxidation throughout the body, and especially in the liver.

Then a hazard light comes on in your body and tries to use the by-products mentioned as fuel. This further implies a significant reduction in fat burning, about 75% after just 1-2 drinks, as well as the discontinuation of carbohydrates for energy. So, while very little alcohol will be stored as fat, the fats and carbohydrates that you ingest through meals have an increased chance of increasing your body weight.

To treat these toxins, the liver uses increased amounts of certain vitamins, such as B1, B3, B6, folic acid, vitamin C, A and K1, which also reduces the body’s resistance and well-being.

Weight loss is also known to result in reduced calorie intake compared to consumption. Alcohol consumption makes it easy to exceed your daily calorie intake because, in addition to being caloric in itself, alcohol triggers an appetite for junk food and other foods on the forbidden list of foods. Be moderate. Consume beverages that are low in calories and higher in alcohol — different types of wine. In particular, avoid high-calorie sugary drinks such as liqueurs and cocktails.

Tips for consuming alcoholic beverages

Since alcohol plays a big role in celebrations, going out and various social gatherings, and we all want to maintain the desired weight or even lose our existing excess, we often ask the following questions: Weight loss and alcohol, is it possible? Is it necessary to refrain from consuming it? The answer depends primarily on individual goals.

Hedonists who responsibly consume moderate amounts of alcohol suffer almost no consequences. It is very important to eat healthy with lots of protein and green vegetables. You bring in as much water as possible daily, especially on days when you plan to have a drink.

Athletes and people who want to lose weight should completely avoid alcohol consumption until they reach certain goals. As explained previously, alcohol negates any effort made to lose fat and impairs athletic performance.

From all the above, we can conclude that weight loss and alcohol do not go together. What is most important is that you consume alcohol responsibly! Large amounts that lead to intoxication can cause serious health problems and should be strictly avoided.


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