Detoxify liver foods – what to eat to make your live thank you


Almost all poisons that reach the liver affect its health to a greater or lesser extent. More and more industrially processed foods containing preservatives, colors, flavors and the like are our everyday life. Cosmetics, cleansers, textile dyes and similar chemicals all reach the body and liver daily. So what are detoxify liver foods, and can they really help?

When the liver fails, the whole organism suffers and therefore the risk factors for damage to this organ should be eliminated or at least minimized. Avoid alcohol, get rid of excess weight, strengthen your body to help fight viruses, and take your prescribed medications with caution and under the supervision of a doctor.

Liver damage, and what you can do about it

Excipients such as vitamins, especially vitamin A, can cause liver damage, as well as oral contraceptive and estrogen supplementation. Liver health is of paramount importance for the health of the whole organism, and when you go through a liver cleansing program, you will find out why.

More and more experts are recommending liver detoxification, a good, balanced meal that is always better than forced detoxification.

Allow the liver to do what it was designed to do – filter out toxins from the foods and beverages you consume through bile production and natural digestion.

Some of detoxify liver foods

Proper nutrition is paramount to a healthy liver and a healthy body. Therefore, you must include these detoxify liver foods in your daily diet. The more you can include, the better.


Apples contain pectin and other chemical substances that affect proper liver function and detoxification.

Asparagus is a natural diuretic. It boosts the production of urine, through which the body is naturally cleansed of toxins.

Cereals can greatly facilitate the work done by the liver. Quinoa, buckwheat, and millet is the way to go.

Avocados, beets and carrots are excellent sources of many nutrients. They also contain glutathione, which plays an important role in liver detoxification.

Cabbage facilitates the production of essential substances that encourage the creation of detoxifying enzymes.

Citruses, especially lemon, grapefruit, and lime, contain a lot of Vitamin C, which stimulates liver function and converts toxins into water-soluble substances.

Other super foods that help you liver to detox

Dandelion root is great for making tea that helps the liver break down fats. It also supports the production of amino acids, which are very important for the detoxification process.

Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic, both contain flavonoids that help produce glutathione, one of the strongest antioxidants in the liver. They stimulate the liver to produce detox enzymes that will filter out toxic residues from our digestive tract. In addition, they also relieve some of this organ that works hard and show a strong antibacterial, antiparasitic effect as well as a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Leafy green vegetables contain chlorophyll which destroys toxins from the body.

Cold-pressed natural oils, such as olive, hemp or flax oil, support liver health and help produce a toxin-absorbing base.

Walnuts contain large amounts of amino acids, which help to cleanse the liver and eliminate excess ammonia from the body.

Peas, lentils and beans are also part of the detox, but almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin and sesame are also part of the detox. Try to get shifts unsalted because excess salt can counteract the detox effect.

In conclusion

Don’t force — follow the natural course. If you don’t like some of the foods – don’t eat them, and instead choose an alternative, because you will only develop healthy eating habits if you enjoy the food you eat.



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