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Back pain when breathing

Back pain when breathing – causes, symptoms and treatment

Many people may suffer back pain when breathing but what is the cause? The truth is that there are many possible causes, some serious and some less so. We are going to take a look at some of the common reasons.
Back pain during period

Back pain during period – causes and treatment

When a woman is experiencing her menstruation period, there are a series of hormonal changes that occur. And it can cause back pain during period.
Can acne be caused by stress

Can acne be caused by stress? The hidden dangers of stress

Can acne be caused by stress? Stress can disrupt metabolism: you may have trouble sleeping, digestion, feel depressed, irritated out of balance, and more.

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Signs of anxiety attacks

Signs of anxiety attacks: symptoms, causes, and treatment

Feeling signs of anxiety attacks at some point in life is normal, because most probably we all have had an anxiety attack at some point.